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Embark on a Culinary Odyssey with MUSU’s ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ Tasting Menu in Manchester




Welcome to MUSU, the heart of authentic Japanese cuisine in Manchester, where the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ tasting menu awaits. This unique culinary journey is a homage to Japan’s rich gastronomic heritage, taking diners through the vibrant flavours and refined techniques of four classical cooking styles: Edo, Izakaya, Shabu Shabu, and Kaiseki.


Edo: Experience the finesse of Edomae sushi, where each piece is a masterpiece of taste and tradition, inspired by the bustling streets of ancient Tokyo.


Izakaya: Step into the lively atmosphere of Japanese street food, with tempura and robatayaki as the stars of this vibrant dining experience.

Shabu Shabu: Embrace the communal spirit of Japan with Shabu Shabu, featuring delicate meats swishing in a warm, flavourful broth.

Kaiseki: Immerse in the artistry of Kaiseki, a symphony of seasonal ingredients, meticulously prepared to celebrate nature’s bounty.

With a menu that evolves with the seasons, MUSU ensures an ever-changing, authentic experience. Each visit to MUSU is not just a meal, but a journey through the heart of Japan’s culinary traditions, right here in Manchester.

Diners rave about the exquisite flavours, impeccable service, and the unforgettable dining atmosphere that MUSU offers. This is more than just a meal; it’s an experience that stays with you, making MUSU a must-visit destination for anyone seeking the finest Japanese cuisine in Manchester.

View the menu: https://musumcr.com/land-of-the-rising-sun-tasting-menu/

MUSU - Contemporary Japanese

Sushi: An Introduction to Japan’s Celebrated Delicacy

MUSUMCR  /  OCTOBER 27, 2023

Sush: An Introduction to Japan’s Celebrated Delicacy

Sushi is more than just a dish; it’s an art form, a culinary symbol that has travelled from the shores of Japan to the bustling streets of every town and city. But as commonplace as sushi might seem in the urban dining landscape, how much do we truly know about this beloved delicacy? Let’s embark on a journey of discovery, shall we?

A Brief History

Before sushi became synonymous with fresh fish, it began as a method of preserving fish in fermented rice in Southeast Asia. Over time, the dish migrated to Japan where the concept evolved. By the Edo period (17th-19th centuries), what we recognise today as sushi – vinegared rice paired with fresh fish – began to take shape in Tokyo (then known as Edo).

Types of Sushi

Nigiri: A small mound of vinegared rice with a slice of raw fish or seafood on top. Sometimes, a dab of wasabi is placed between the fish and the rice.

Maki: This is the rolled sushi. Rice and fillings are wrapped in nori (seaweed sheet) and rolled using a bamboo mat. It’s then sliced into bite-sized pieces.

Sashimi: While not technically sushi (as it lacks the vinegared rice), sashimi refers to thinly sliced raw fish or seafood, served without rice.

Temaki: A hand roll. It’s a cone-shaped piece of nori filled with sushi rice, fish, and vegetables.

Sushi Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

Do dip your sushi fish-side down into the soy sauce. This ensures the rice doesn’t fall apart and you get the perfect balance of flavour.

Don’t drench your sushi in soy sauce. It’s meant to complement, not overpower.

Do eat sushi in one bite if possible. This is the traditional way and ensures the balance of flavours and textures.

Don’t rub your chopsticks together. It’s considered rude and implies the chopsticks are of low quality.

Do use your fingers for nigiri and maki sushi. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not only acceptable but often preferred in traditional settings.

Pairing Your Sushi

While many enjoy sushi with a glass of sake or a cold beer, there’s a growing appreciation for pairing sushi with wine. Light and crisp white wines, such as a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio, complement the delicate flavours of sushi. Our sommeliers are always on hand to provide knowledge and insight into which wines complement each dish.

The MUSU Experience

At MUSU, we celebrate sushi’s rich heritage while embracing contemporary influences. From our handpicked fresh fish to our artisanal rice, every bite promises an authentic experience.

In conclusion, sushi isn’t just a dish; it’s a testament to Japanese culinary prowess and tradition. As you take your next bite, remember the history, craft, and etiquette that goes into every piece. It makes the experience all the more special.

Visit MUSU in Manchester city centre to explore a world of sushi and beyond. Indulge in artful presentations, fresh flavours, and a dining journey unlike any other.

MUSU - Contemporary Japanese

The Perfect Wine Pairings for MUSU’s Kaiseki Tasting Menu in Manchester

MUSUMCR  /  OCTOBER 18, 2023

Manchester boasts a rich culinary tapestry, but in its heart, MUSU stands out as a beacon for authentic Japanese gastronomy. Located in the bustling city centre, our restaurant offers not just a meal, but a symphony of flavours through our Kaiseki tasting menu. And what’s a symphony without harmony? Enter our wine pairings, meticulously chosen by our in-house sommelier, Ivan.

Understanding Kaiseki

To appreciate the wine pairings, it’s essential to understand Kaiseki. Originating from Japan, Kaiseki is a multi-course meal that celebrates seasonality, artistry, and balance. Every dish is a testament to the season’s freshest produce and the chef’s craftsmanship. This means that the wine accompanying such dishes must be equally versatile and articulate.

Ivan’s Expertise

With Ivan’s keen palate and profound knowledge, he bridges the worlds of Japanese cuisine and global viticulture. His wine selections don’t just complement; they elevate each Kaiseki dish, enhancing its flavours and nuances.

A Sneak Peek into the Pairings

Without divulging all of Ivan’s secrets, here’s a glimpse into the thoughtful pairings for our Kaiseki menu:

Sashimi & Crisp Whites: Delicate slices of fresh fish find their match in a glass of chilled, crisp white wine, offering bright notes of citrus and green apple.

Grilled Meats & Robust Reds: As the robust flavours of grilled meat fill your mouth, a full-bodied red with hints of berry and earthy undertones makes the experience truly memorable.

Tempura & Sparkling: The light, airy crunch of tempura juxtaposed with the effervescence of a sparkling wine creates a delightful dance of textures and tastes.

Dessert & Sweet or Fortified Wines: Our desserts harmonise perfectly with wines that carry a hint of sweetness or the rich depth of fortified wines.

An Invitation to Experience

MUSU isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a sensory journey. We invite you to our Manchester city centre location to embark on this culinary voyage, enhanced by Ivan’s impeccable wine pairings. Experience the confluence of tradition and modernity, Japan and Manchester, food and wine.

So, the next time you’re in the heart of Manchester and yearn for an experience that transcends mere dining, remember MUSU’s doors are open. Dive deep into the world of Kaiseki and let Ivan’s wine selections guide your taste buds on an unforgettable journey.

Reserve your table now and relish the harmony between authentic Japanese cuisine and world-class wines at MUSU, Manchester’s gem.

MUSU - Contemporary Japanese

Discovering Omakase: An Exquisite Culinary Journey at MUSU Manchester

MUSUMCR  /  OCTOBER 10, 2023

MUSU Manchester warmly invites you to immerse yourself in the magic of our Omakase, a dining experience that promises to captivate your senses and introduce you to the rich tapestry of Japanese cuisine.

Omakase, which translates to “I trust you” in Japanese, represents more than just a meal; it’s an intimate and personalised encounter with the chef’s culinary expertise. At MUSU Manchester, our skilled chefs create a tasting menu that celebrates the finest seasonal ingredients and their exceptional culinary artistry. Each dish is a carefully choreographed symphony of flavours, textures, and aesthetics, designed to surprise and enchant your senses.

Nestled in the heart of Manchester, MUSU is a sanctuary for discerning food connoisseurs in search of an authentic Japanese dining experience. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond just our ingredients; it’s mirrored in the meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship that our chefs infuse into each dish.

When you opt for MUSU’s Omakase experience, you’re not just dining; it’s a captivating experience. Here’s what you can expect:

Seasonal Culinary Treasures:

Our chefs meticulously source the finest seasonal ingredients, ensuring that each dish bursts with freshness and flavour. From exquisite sashimi to impeccably seared Wagyu beef, you’ll encounter a diverse range of creations.

Artistry on the Plate:

Presentation is paramount in Japanese cuisine, and our chefs take this art form to heart. Every dish is a masterpiece, thoughtfully presented to delight both your palate and your eyes.

Tailored to You:

Your culinary journey is tailored to your preferences and dietary requirements. Whether you’re an adventurous eater or have specific dietary needs, our chefs will curate a unique menu just for you.

Interactive Dining:

At our intimate chef’s counter, you’ll have the privilege of witnessing our chefs craft your dishes right before your eyes. It’s a chance to engage with the culinary process and gain insights into the art of Japanese cooking.

Unforgettable Memories:

The Omakase experience at MUSU is not just a meal; it’s an indelible memory. Each course is a narrative waiting to be shared, a conversation starter, and a compelling reason to return for more.

Pricing and Reservations

Our Omakase experience at MUSU Manchester is priced at £150 per person, a reflection of the quality, expertise, and dedication that goes into each dish. This price covers the full tasting menu and a remarkable dining experience that is truly unique in Manchester.

To secure your spot at our chef’s counter and immerse yourself in the world of Japanese Omakase, we invite you to visit our website. We recommend making reservations in advance, as our intimate setting ensures limited seating.

MUSU Manchester extends a warm invitation to let go of preconceived notions and embrace the essence of Omakase dining. Allow our talented chefs to take you on a culinary voyage through the flavours and traditions of Japan.

Make your reservation today and experience the enchantment of Omakase at MUSU Manchester.

MUSU - Contemporary Japanese

A Perfect Pairing of Wine and Sushi at MUSU for only £35


If you’re seeking a culinary adventure that combines the delicate art of sushi with the refined flavours of wine, look no further than MUSU. Nestled in the heart of Manchester City Centre, MUSU is an esteemed Japanese restaurant that offers a remarkable wine and sushi experience. Indulge and immerse yourself in our Wine & Sushi experience, available exclusively on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 12pm to 6pm. Join us as we explore the extraordinary fusion of Japanese cuisine and carefully selected wines, all for an incredible price of just £35.

A Symphony of Sushi

At MUSU, our expert sushi chefs craft each dish with meticulous precision and an unwavering commitment to quality. Our three plates of sushi showcase a harmonious blend of flavours, textures, and fresh ingredients that will transport you to the heart of Japan. From delicate rolls to exquisite nigiri, each bite is a celebration of authenticity and artistry.

Wine Pairings

To elevate your dining experience, we have carefully curated a selection of wines that perfectly complement the flavours and nuances of our sushi creations. Our team of sommeliers has taken great care to ensure that each glass harmonises with the sushi’s taste profile, enhancing the overall dining experience. From crisp and refreshing whites to elegant and complex reds, our wine pairings complement the experience perfectly.

MUSU’s wine and sushi experience is more than just a meal; it’s an exploration of flavours and a celebration of the senses. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the intricacies of each dish and wine pairing, providing insights into the origins, preparation techniques, and flavour profiles. Discover the subtle interplay between the umami of sushi and the delicate notes of the wines.

Located in the vibrant heart of Manchester City Centre, MUSU offers a contemporary and inviting atmosphere that sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. Immerse yourself in the warm ambiance as you savour the delicate flavours of sushi and the enticing aromas of the paired wines. Whether you’re seeking a delightful lunch or a memorable dinner, MUSU is the perfect destination to unwind and indulge.

MUSU’s wine and sushi experience is a delightful fusion of Japanese culinary artistry and refined wine pairings. Experience in the symphony of flavours, textures, and aromas as you explore three plates of expertly crafted sushi and three glasses of thoughtfully selected wines.

Priced at just £35, this offering is available exclusively on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 12pm to 6pm. 

Book your table today

MUSU - Contemporary Japanese

Indulge in Winter Delights: Experience Our Savour the Season Christmas Menus


Winter is a season of celebration and joy, and what better way to embrace the festivities than by exploring the delights of our Savour our Season dining options. At MUSU, located on Bridge Street in Manchester, we are excited to present our seasonal dining experience. Whether you’re seeking a memorable corporate Christmas party or an intimate dinner with loved ones, our Japanese dining venue offers a culinary journey that will leave you craving for more.

As the winter season unfolds, our talented chefs curate exclusive Savour the Season menus that showcase the finest ingredients of the season. Each dish is meticulously crafted to bring out the flavours and textures that define the winter palate.

With a focus on seasonal ingredients, our seven and eleven course tasting menus are designed to reflect the essence of winter. Each element of our menu is skillfully prepared to deliver an unforgettable dining experience.

We have two seasonal menus available, our seven and eleven course Kaiseki tasting menu and our seasonal Sentaku (A la Carte) menu, both can be paired with standard or premium wine pairings selected by our Head Sommelier, Ivan.

If you are looking for the perfect venue to celebrate the festivities with your colleagues or clients, MUSU offers tailored corporate Christmas party packages that combine exceptional dining with a touch of festive cheer. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to ensure every detail is taken care of, from personalised menus to breathtaking decorations. Treat your team to a celebration that will foster camaraderie and create lasting memories.

Enhance your dining experience with our Savour the Season drinks packages. Fine wines, handcrafted cocktails and premium spirits, our extensive beverage selection perfectly complements our Savour the Season menu. Sip on expertly paired wines that enhance the flavours of each course or enjoy one of our Savour the Season cocktails that add a touch of festivity to your evening.

In addition to our exceptional dining experience, we offer our venue and private dining room for hire. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a family celebration, or a special gathering with friends, our stylish and versatile spaces provide the perfect setting. Immerse yourself in the elegance of our venue, complete with modern decor, ambient lighting, impeccable service and cinematic 8k screens. Our private dining room offers an intimate setting for a memorable dining experience tailored to your preferences.

Find out more  here

This winter, embrace the flavours of the season and embark on an exceptional culinary journey. Our Savour the Season menu, corporate Christmas party packages, drink packages and venue hire options are designed to create unforgettable moments for every occasion.

Join us on Bridge Street in Manchester and let us whisk you away into a world of Japanese culinary excellence, where every bite tells a story and every dish celebrates the magic of winter.

Book your experience today and Savour the Season with us.

MUSU - Contemporary Japanese

Indulge in the Delights of Kaiseki – A 7 or 11 Course Tasting Menu at MUSU Manchester


MUSU is a culinary destination nestled in the vibrant streets of Manchester City Centre on Bridge Street. At MUSU, we take pride in presenting an authentic Japanese dining experience that transcends the ordinary. Immerse yourself in the world of Kaiseki, a culinary masterpiece that harmonises art, technique, and flavour in every carefully crafted dish.

Unveiling the Essence of Kaiseki

Derived from the Japanese term meaning “a meal consisting of many small dishes,” Kaiseki is a gastronomic journey that showcases the true essence of Japanese cuisine. Each course is thoughtfully prepared and meticulously presented to create a captivating symphony of flavours, textures, and visual delights.

A Celebration of Culinary Artistry

At MUSU, our Kaiseki menus are a testament to our commitment to excellence. We passionately curate our menus, ensuring that only the finest locally sourced sustainable ingredients find their way onto your plate. Our dedication to quality allows us to showcase the rich tapestry of flavours that Japanese cuisine has to offer.

7 or 11 Courses

Indulge in the opulence of our Kaiseki menus, thoughtfully designed to take you on an unforgettable culinary journey. Choose between our 7 or 11-course options, each offering a symphony of flavours that are guaranteed to excite.

The ever-evolving nature of our Kaiseki menus ensures that we stay true to the seasons and utilise the freshest ingredients available. This commitment to freshness and sustainability ensures that each visit to MUSU is a unique experience.

Elevate Your Experience with Pairing Wines

At MUSU, we believe in enhancing your dining experience by offering a selection of carefully curated pairing wines selected by our in house sommeliers. Choose between our standard or premium wine pairings, selected to complement the flavours and nuances of each course. Our knowledgeable sommeliers will guide you through the journey, elevating your appreciation of the artistry behind Kaiseki.

Immerse Yourself in the MUSU Experience

Step into the world of MUSU and embark on a culinary adventure that will transport your senses to the heart of Japan. Our dedication to exceptional service, exquisite flavours, and immersive ambiance sets us apart from the rest.

Visit us at MUSU, located at Bridge Street in Manchester City Centre, and experience Kaiseki.

View our Kaiseki menus by clicking here.

To book a table please use this link.

MUSU - Contemporary Japanese

Subayai: A Quick and Indulgent Set Lunch Menu at MUSU Manchester for just £35


Are you in search of a Japanese fine dining experience that combines culinary mastery with swift service? Look no further than MUSU Manchester, where we proudly present Subayai, meaning “Quick” in Japanese.

Our exquisite set lunch menu invites you to indulge in a four-course meal priced at just £35.

With a perfect blend of accessibility and refined luxury, our menu is designed to elevate your lunch plans while immersing you in the opulent surroundings of our Japanese fine dining establishment.

At MUSU Manchester, our Subayai set lunch menu has been meticulously curated to offer a truly unforgettable dining experience. Each course is a testament to the culinary expertise of our Japanese-trained chefs and the finest ingredients sourced from around the world.

The Subayai set lunch menu is available at MUSU Manchester from 12pm to 2:30pm every Thursday to Saturday. To secure a table, we recommend making a reservation in advance. Our staff will ensure that your lunch experience is seamless, allowing you to savour every moment of your Japanese fine dining journey.

View our sample menu and reserve your table today

MUSU - Contemporary Japanese

Unwind with MUSU’s Irresistible Cocktail Deals in Manchester: 3 Cocktails for £30

MUSUMCR  /  AUGUST 24, 2023

Welcome to MUSU, the ultimate destination for cocktail lovers in Manchester. We are excited to introduce our latest offering that will enhance your evenings and make your taste buds dance with delight. Our exclusive cocktail deal allows you to indulge in three expertly crafted cocktails for just £30.

At MUSU, we take pride in our extensive cocktail menu, featuring a wide array of classic favourites and innovative creations. With our cocktail deal, you have the opportunity to explore and savour three different cocktails, carefully curated by our skilled mixologists. 

Located in the heart of Manchester, MUSU is a vibrant restaurant and bar that offers more than just exquisite cocktails. Our trendy and welcoming atmosphere sets the stage for memorable evenings with friends, family, or colleagues. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of MUSU, where great conversations, laughter, and unforgettable moments converge.

Each cocktail at MUSU is meticulously crafted using premium spirits, fresh ingredients, and artistic flair. Our mixologists are passionate about their craft and strive to deliver cocktails that are not only visually stunning but also bursting with flavours.

Our cocktail deal, which gives you a choice of three cocktails for £30 offers exceptional value for money. Indulge in a trio of cocktails while saving on individual drink prices. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to unwind after a long day, MUSU’s cocktail deal allows you to enjoy a premium experience without breaking the bank.

To make the most of your visit to MUSU, we recommend checking our website for the latest cocktail menu and availability. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to guide you through the options and help you choose the perfect trio of cocktails for your evening. 

At MUSU, we believe that a great cocktail is not just a drink but an experience that tantalises your senses and creates lasting memories. With our cocktail deal which offers three cocktails for £30, we invite you to join us and revel in the art of mixology. Visit MUSU in Manchester, where craftsmanship, affordability, and a warm ambiance come together to create an unforgettable evening.

MUSU - Contemporary Japanese

Empowering Women in Business: Join Us for a Brunch Club!

MUSUMCR  /  AUGUST 22, 2023

If you are a driven and ambitious individual looking to connect with like-minded female/male business professionals, gain valuable insights, and enjoy a delightful culinary experience, we invite you to join us for the Women in Business Brunch Club, organised by The Edge Events. Mark your calendars for September 15th, from 1 pm to 4 pm at MUSU.

MUSU Japanese Restaurant in Manchester

Unleashing the Power of Women in Business

The Women in Business Brunch Club is a unique platform designed to foster networking opportunities, inspire personal and professional growth, and celebrate the collective achievements of women in various industries. Whether you are an entrepreneur, aspiring business owner, or corporate professional, this event promises to be an empowering experience that will leave you motivated and ready to conquer new heights in your career.

Ticket Options

We understand that each attendee has different preferences, which is why we offer two distinct ticket options to cater to your needs:

1. VIP Culinary Experience Ticket (£40)

Indulge in an exquisite VIP culinary experience curated exclusively for our esteemed guests. Savour a delectable selection of gourmet dishes prepared by renowned chefs, showcasing their culinary expertise. Immerse yourself in an ambiance of luxury and elegance as you enjoy a meal that transports you to Japan. This ticket also includes VIP access to the event.

2. VIP Access/Light Bites/Bar & Cocktail Ticket (£20)

If you prefer a lighter fare, this option is perfect for you. Enjoy an array of delectable light bites while networking with fellow attendees. Quench your thirst with a refreshing cocktail from the bar, and take advantage of VIP access to the event, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the empowering discussions and valuable connections.

How to Secure Your Spot

To secure your spot at this exclusive event, simply head over to Eventbrite. There, you’ll find all the necessary information to purchase your preferred ticket option. Act fast, as availability is limited, and this event is sure to sell out quickly!

MUSU Japanese Restaurant in Manchester

Network, Learn, and Thrive

The Women in Business Brunch Club is not just about enjoying delicious food and drinks; it’s a platform where you can expand your network, learn from successful professionals, and gain insights to propel your career forward. We add value with inspiring keynote speakers and focus on lifestyle/wellbeing.  Be prepared to leave with a renewed sense of purpose and unshakable confidence.

Mark September 15th on your calendars and join us for a truly empowering experience at the Women in Business Brunch Club with a Men welcome policy!

The event is organised by The Edge Events.

Whether you opt for the VIP Culinary Experience Ticket or the VIP Access/Light Bites/Bar & Cocktail Ticket, you are guaranteed to be part of an event that celebrates the achievements of women in business and provides a platform for growth, connection, and inspiration. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join a supportive community of like-minded individuals as we celebrate women in business.

Supporting Mind. Please do donate:- https://www.mind.org.uk/donate

Secure your place today by clicking here.

For more information on The Edge Events click here.

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